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Do you have a case of "Monkey Mind” over thinking or can’t stop thinking?


Do you believe you are not enough? Are you feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward? Do you struggle with the funky blahs?


I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist and Self Mastery Coach, and I am dedicated to helping women facilitate powerful change through joyful self-realization that aligns with their values and desires. I treat the human spirit and in our work together you will remember the power of self love. In my practice, I honor, and acknowledge the inherent value of each person’s aspirations, cultural experience, journey, and unique story.


I hold space for those who find themselves stuck in a storyline that no longer serve you. Together we will address the thinking that has shaped these behaviors, beliefs and patterns. My goal is to help you remember that goodness is your birthright, and to know that you are the power you seek.


I use a variety of therapeutic techniques including mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and solutions focused therapy. My style is collaborative, practical and strength based.


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